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Our team studies what your business is about, your customers and based on this, we come up with the right color palette and design patterns that will appeal to your customer base. This is implement-ed following your choices too. We follow the latest Graphic Design trends so that you stay on the top in this digital game.

Your Business, our Strategies


Colors impact the visual experience is a subtle way. Certain colors are more appealing for a particu-lar segment than others. This also modifies the interacting patterns of the users. Our designs are op-timized to get you closer to your customers through visuals.


Lines can impact moods and this helps you in conveying your brand messages. The overall composi-tion of the Graphics provided by Q The Software team are developed such that they actively com-municate with your users.


Our designs are a combination of Definite shapes and Organic shapes depending on the products, information, and audience that is to be served. Shapes have a psychological impact on viewers’ mind and using the right shape can help place the right information effectively to get maximum impact.


The elements in the graphics designed are kept to give a sense to the overall images. Important as-pects are comparatively larger than the details that are not important but have to be mentioned. With scaling, we make sure that your audience sees the exact information that you want them to focus on.


Spaces play an important if subtle roles in serving the information to users. Certain designs need uniform spacing whereas, for unconventional campaigns related to say Art, spacing can be liberally used to convey the message artistically. Our team knows which to use when and we deliver the spaces to your convenience.


Alignments come into the picture for texts and non-text design elements. We generate pleasing graphics without disturbing the sense of alignment that suits the users.

We Develop Your Idea

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At Q The Software, we are wizards of all that is colors, fonts and layouts. We bring the best of this blend to provide you with creative and visually appealing Graphic Designs for your Social Media posts or your Website usages. We know ‘What Works Where’ and this strategy has helped us cater to our clients the best way.

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